Alive and Freaking (2004)

Our thesis-paper for the MFA degree at Sandberg institute, accompanying the When we Were Kings performance

A tiny stuntman who protested against a French ban on the little-known sport of "dwarf-tossing" has lost his case before a United Nations human rights committee. Manuel Wackenheim used to earn his living being thrown around bars and discotheques by customers. He became unemployed in the mid-1990s, after France's highest administrative court ruled that his job was contrary to human dignity. Mr Wackenheim appealed against the French ban, but when this failed, he took his complaint before the UN's Human Rights and Anti-Discriminational Committee, claiming that his rights had been violated. But the UN committee said it was satisfied that the ban on dwarf-tossing should be upheld "in order to protect public order and considerations of human dignityā€¯. (BBC news, Friday, 27 September, 2002)

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